With proper handling and care we provide a warranty on the
High- and Low Tide Arena System including drainage layer after
BGB (5 years). On the treading layer (upper 10 cm), we give a
function of the stress level of treading layer for a period of two
years. On the Erdfolie we pass the manufacturer's warranty of
10 years. The manufacturer of materials including water pump
and electronics will be passed. After completion, inspection and
Acceptance of the place we are to point out separately on the care
and handling of the place.

Terms of payment
30% when signing the contract
50% from the start of construction
20% after completion of the place immediately upon receipt of invoice net cash.

All goods are property of LGS Reitplatzbau GmbH until they are payed completly.

Contract agreements
Construction begins at the construction site and construction site access road must be
designed so that even in bad weather, the lorries with gross weight of approximately 40
tons, and our construction equipment can move without hindrance.
For damage to property of the client, caused by improper construction quality (access
roads, etc.), the client is liable. With the start of construction is begun at richtfertigem
state of the construction site.

Should unforeseen events delayed the start of construction or impossible, compensation
claims by the customer are excluded. If by customer-provided visual Grobplanum ensuring
the substrate is made by the client. The client is requiring the contractor to any electricity,
water and gas pipes and other point. Without this information, no liability on the part of the contractor be given.

Our services are limited exclusively to the specifications contained in the listed positions.

To our bid prices we keep three months from the date of the offer.

Start of work
Beginning of the work done by prior arrangement.

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